I have had a lot of exhibitions including solo shows starting in 2003. My works have been exhibited in several galleries, in cafes, in business and cultural centres. Every place has its own atmosphere, I can meet new people and share my work and I am very grateful for these possibilities.

List of exhibitions:

11/2003           gallery Luchetik in Prague, Smíchov

02/2004           restaurant Alma in Prague, Dejvice

06-07/2004      cafe Alma in Prague, Dejvice

08/2004           Cultural Centre Zahrada, Prague 4 Chodov

06-07/2005      cafe Holešovická kavárna, Prague 7

11/2005           Cultural Club klub Poštovka

06-07/2006      Café Mango in Kdyně

11-12/2006      Café Holešovická kavárna

06-07/2007      Galerie Cafe

04-05/08          Institute for Local Development in Benešov

01/2012           Museum Velvary

09/2012           Jazz Cafe Slaný

12/2012           restaurant Kotva in Kralupy

04/2013           gallery VK37 in Kralupy

06/2013           restaurant and gallery Truhlárna in Kokořín

11/2013           gallery Morna in Prague

03/2014           Jazz Cafe Slaný

08/2014           Business Centre in Prague Butovice

12/2014           Jazz Cafe Slaný

04/2015           Business Centre in Prague Eden

05/2015           Gallery in Agency for Prague 7

09/2015           Institute for Local Development in Benešov

11/2015           library in Velvary

12/2015           gallery in Rokycany

02/2016           Business Centre in

05/2016           museum and castle gallery in Strakonice

06/2016           exhibition hall in Veltrusy

10/2016           Institute of regional information Benešov

12/2016           Artfest Czech Budějovice

03/2017           Museum Velvary

07/2017           Kap Café Kaplice

08/2017          Café Jakub Velešín

09/2017          Institute of regional information Benešov

12/2017           Artfest Czech Budějovice

03/2018          gallery Supice in Tábor

08/2018          gallery Portyč in Písek

10/2018          Carpe Diem Café in Prague

11/2018           Instistute of regional information Benešov

09/2020        Café, Dům U Zlatého Kohouta (House by the Golden Rooster), Prague

09/2020        Museum Velvary

11/2020          Café Marlen, Mělník

06/2023           gallery At the Golden Rooster, Prague

07/2023           castle Střekov

08/2023           gallery Zelená brána Pardubice

03-04/2024    DomaBar Kladno


I attended a lot of painting lessons in past, among others figural drawing, oil painting, still life painting, sculpting lessons. The most interesting experience was a one-week stay in Provence with a wonderful artist Arlette Steenmans, she is famous for her detailed and colourful paintings of nature and has a great sence for details